Mervana™ - Esther Grey

Turn Back The Time On Yourself

While the dust of time brushed over us little by little, our skins would soon be riddled with wrinkles and scars. Our body was born with multitude of proteins helping us maintain the smooth and stretchy texture, but as we grow older, the body stops producing them and eventually became an invitation for wrinkles and scars. But not all tragedies deserve a bad ending!

That’s where Mervana™ comes in. With Mervana™, we can turn back the time on our skin and get rid ourselves of all the scars of time while staying as wise as ever. All through using the power of snails! Yes, you read it right, it is snails! These little creatures of slime have a slippery way of bypassing time! Continue reading for a glossy secret.

Slipping Away from Time

Mervana™ is made from, you guessed it, snail slime! By safely examining the snails’ unique properties, our top scientists managed to create synthetic slimes and converted its high amount of Collagen into a solution. Collagen is the exact protein that the skin needs in order to maintain its scratchy and smooth feel.

With Mervana™, our body may regain its lost Collagen and even be encouraged to restart its own production once more. Not only that, but Mervana™ would also provide a thin yet effective layer of protection from both bacteria and UV light; due to its high amount of Antimicrobial from in the slime. All of that without any form of animal cruelty or suffering.

No longer will our wrinkles define our looks. It’s time to return to our youth. If you or someone you know wish to take this dive back in time, Mervana™ is the product to go for.

Overturn Your Looks

Fades away scars and wounds

Rids skin of wrinkles

Hydrates the skin and keeps it looking fresh

Provides nutrients to maintain skin health

Protects against unwanted bacteria

Prevents acne

How It Is Done

Followers of Youth

Lane Everett, OR

I used to have smooth and youthful skin that I adored, but when I started working, I stopped taking skin care products seriously. Slowly as I get older every year, my skin became wrinkled and saggy. I was in my 30s yet it looked like I have grandkids! I couldn’t bear to even go outside anymore. But with Mervana™, my skin couldn’t thank it enough! Gone were the days of hiding from myself, now I walk confidently across towns. The world is my beauty stage. Thank you Mervana™ for bringing joy back to my skin once more.

Ellen Owen, WY

Before this, my skin was incredibly sensitive to infections; even the sun could lead to me having sunburns. I can’t go out for longer than 20 minutes without a sun-screen. Thank the lord for Mervana™, after applying it once in the morning, I was finally able to step out the comfort of my house and do my errands without shedding a new skin. My skin has never once seen this kind of smoothness; even my whole family is using it now!

Callie Willis, MO

Before my house burnt down, I used to participate in a lot of outdoor activities; but after my burn injuries, I could barely stand the heat of the sun. My new skin was weaker to wrinkles and way too sensitive to even go to the park. However, with my newly found love for Mervana™, my skin felt incredibly more moisturized and protected than ever. Not only was I able to finally get back onto my grove, but I’m able to last so much longer under the sun. With only a few drops of this miracle cream in the morning, I am able to take on the world as an athlete once more! Goodbye dryness and sensitivity, hello Mervana™.




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